5 Cool Things to do in Trivandrum

The Indian city of Trivandrum is an amazing place to visit. It is home to nearly one million people, so unsurprisingly, it is somewhere that offers something for practically all tastes.

Trivandrum, which is also known as Thiruvananthapuram, is a great example of a modern Indian city. Below is just a taste of what this fantastic city has to offer.

An Indian spa experience

best spa in india

The city is home to hundreds of spas and healing centres, both modern and ancient. Most of them offer far more than just beauty treatments. The majority focus on resting, cleansing and healing the body. A visit to one of these establishments is a great way to ease away the stresses of the journey and re-energise yourself, so you are ready for everything that Trivandrum has to offer.

One of the most popular is the Ayur Hermitage, which is a full Ayurveda centre located close to Kovalam beach. They offer 3-day packages, as well as longer stays. Therefore, this healing centre is a great option if you are planning to stay in Trivandrum for a while.

If you are only in the city for a short break, the Vibrance Spa & Wellness Centre is a better option. Most of their treatments only take an hour or two to enjoy. Their signature massage is particularly popular. This 90-minute massage is regularly described by visitors as ´unique´ and as ´the best massage they have ever had´. It really is not to be missed.

Take a Tuk Tuk night tour

night tour in india

In any city, taking a road tour is a great way to get your bearings. A night time ride in a Tuk Tuk is fun, interesting and different. Exactly where you are taken depends on your driver, so ask what the route is before you book. Most will take you to the night fish market, and to some of the temples, which are surprisingly busy in the evenings. Normally, your driver will stop to let you take in the atmosphere and get out to see the sights or enjoy a refreshing drink at a local bar. If you are lucky, they will take you to a special restaurant to finish off the tour. It makes for an unusual, and fun, night out.

Visit Magic Planet in Trivandrum

This has got to be the most unusual theme park you will ever visit. It really is all about magic. There are some amazing street magicians and talented illusionists based here, and a very good acrobatic circus show to enjoy. Most visitors are intrigued by the ‘The Indian Mango Mystery’. It sounds weird because it is – which, of course, is part of the appeal.

There is also a food court, a mirror maze, shadow plays, a kid´s playground and other attractions to enjoy. Magic Planet is located in the Kinfra Film and Video Park, so it is easy to get there.

Take in a show at the Margi Theatre

best theater in inida

The traditional theater group, that is based here, focuses on performing the Kathakali and Kutiyattom art forms. Both are forms of religious dance which are performed by actors who wear extremely bright costumes and makeup. It is a captivating art form quite unlike anything that you will have seen before. The actors happily pose for photos and spend time with the audience afterwards, which makes the experience even more interesting.

Enjoy a beach sunset

lovely beach in india

The sunsets in the area are spectacular, especially if you are near the water. Trivandrum is located right on the tip of Kerala, so it is within easy access of several beaches, as well as some beautiful backwaters and lakes.

It is hard to choose the best one, but one thing you must do is to visit the lighthouse at Hawa (Eve´s) beach. At the top of the lighthouse, there is a nice viewing platform. From which you get great views of Poovar and the famous Beemapalli mosque.

Afterwards, you can enjoy one of two beautiful beaches before retiring to one of the cafes, bars and restaurants that are located close by. The Kingfisher Restaurant is particularly popular with tourists and locals alike. It is particularly well known for its beautiful seafood dishes.

Be sure to stay late to enjoy the sunset. Lots of people do, so allow yourself enough time to walk along the beach a bit to find a tranquil spot from which to take your photos.

The above ideas really are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do in Trivandrum. If you travel just half an hour outside of the city even more exciting opportunities present themselves. For example, the Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports is just a 25-minute drive away.

If you are looking for a unique, and exciting, holiday destination Trivandrum really is a great option.