Fun Activities for an adventurous family

Spending time together with your family can be an interesting and fun-filled experience. Your kids would be really excited to go out with you and have some fun activities –something that happens once a while.

There are plenty of activities you can do to fully maximize your fun time with the kids if you are planning such.

This post reveals some of the fun activities you can pick from during such fun activities family time!


If you or your family love helping out, then you will find volunteering handy. Volunteering gives you and the family the opportunity to render selfless services to the community –making it better for it.

There are loads of volunteer services you can choose from, depending on your location, and what courses you and your family care for.

You and family could take time out to visit orphanage homes and help out with relief items/materials. Your family can even take up sweeping the streets or do car wash to raise funds for cancer/ any other cause you people care for.

The point is to find a cause that your family cares about and then offer free services in that area.

Kick the can

With the right number, age and ability, you may let your family to pass on touch football –one that makes everyone have a level playing field such as croquet.

You guys may also decide to learn the fundamentals of some play-ground pastimes like Capture the Flag.

Time capsule

One activity you can engage in when  having fun time with your family is preserving the fun time. You can gather many things into an archival box before throwing it into a calm place.

You can include a note to your future selves, some artworks, toys and even things that will not stand the test of time.

After this, add a silica gel pack which will hold the moisture and write a date for it.

Ensure you put things that would not corrode. For instance, remove the batteries in the toys if they are in the pack.


Become a planter

Another fun activities way that you can have with your children is planting. There are variety of crops like cherry, tomatoes or beans, to name a few, that you can pick from. You may decide to go with a watering planter while another person handles the watering and harvesting.

Your kids might be happy with this so it can teach them that what is worth eating is also worth sowing.  

Find some tricks

Kids love seeing a bit of tricks. You can gather them in the living room, or at the balcony and pull off some old tricks on them.

Alternatively, get an adult and teach him the trick so he can perform it in front of the kids. This sure will be much fun activities for your family.


Cooking is a fun activity. Doing it with the whole family even makes it funnier.  You can let your kids squish the dough with their dainty fingers and it could be interesting to sit back and watch the dough rise before you punch it down.

Create a Dress-Up Box

also, you can make do with wedding out some unneeded dresses, hats and shoes from your closet. This is after your kids must have selected their what they want before you can now take the rejected ones to the thrift shop.

Take up a New Hobby/Skills

One thing that your kids will love to see you do is trying to gain mastery of a new skill. It assures them that they are not alone in their struggles –you too have yours.

You can pick from a plethora of things like pottery, ballet, bead making, baking, or sewing among others. It is a very funny activity and your kids might end up picking interest in it –making out a living from it later on.

See A Nice Classic  Movie

If you’ve never considered the cinema as an option when planning out how to spend time with your family, then you need to reconsider your stance.

You can pick from a list of classic movies that are showing in cinemas near you and take your family along to watch it.

Many classic movies are great entertainment for kids that are 3 years up.

It will help in bonding as well as another chance to see your kids’ behavior outside the immediate family setting.

Teach them New Games

If you can play some games like golf, basketball or any card game, it wouldn’t be bad if you teach your kids the rules of the game.

Just get the tools for the game and have fun activities teaching them the skills needed to play it as well as the rules guiding it.

See the Stars

You can take your kids out of the yard after dinner –but ensure you are in a place that will give you a clear view of the sky.

Before then, you should have bought a star chart to get started. This will give you the chance of seeing the way the sky changes from time to time. It is also important for the kids to get that fresh air before they finally sleep.

Play Some Games

This is one of the activities that your kids might love doing with you. You can set up games like soccer, and then play it with your kids. You can run around the yard, playing hide and seek.

The main thing here is to pick up one activity that will involve everyone.

Eat Out

A great activity you can enjoy with your kids is eating out. This time, let it be the unusual cuisines –one that you have not tasted before (maybe from Africa).

Before you guys leave for the restaurant, you can make do with checking up more information about the country where the cuisine comes from –this may give you an idea of how the history the food.

Fun Activities Conclusion:

Certainly, you can run short of activities you can do together with your family after reading through this post.

Just make a pick from any of them and you will sure have a swell time with your kids!